RejctX (2020) Season 2

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Season 2 starts with Aarav coming into the school campus where he proposes Kiara which she accepts only to be warned by her mother not to be with Aarav because of the ‘gun’ incident while Hussein counsels Aarav as it comes to the forefront that he had fired from the gun but it brushed his father who rebuked him for it. Hussein took it on him to convince his father to let Aarav be in school. What Hussein and Aarav learn is Anushka has been found dead but without any suicide note. Officer Rene is pursuing the case who has her own personal lows to take care of. To begin with she has a progressively degenerative blindness which she hasn’t told anyone, along with the fact that in a man’s world, she needs to prove her mettle as a female cop to make the authorities believe she too deserves a promotion. And for that the Anushka death case is the perfect peg.

Starring: Sehmat Ali, Anushka Rai, Parnomitra Rai, Ridhi Khakhar, Anil Khopkar, Jillian Kilroy, Poonam Sabharwal, Anisha Victor, Sumeet Vyas

Creators: Goldie Behl | Country: India

Runtime: 404 minutes

Genre: Mystery, Thriller


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